Principal Service, Permanent Benefit, Income Stability, Living as One, Giving Inspiration and Touching Lives are our values.

Rooted past

Wide perspective


Our Values

A company with a long history can only exist with its principles and cultural values. While our principles enables us to do our job in the best and leading way, our cultural values provide a basis for our perspective in which the human and the life is the priority.

Principal Service

The principles are the basis of a qualified work.

Permanent Benefit

The biggest investment for a company on its way of growing is the permanent benefit of its customers.

Income Stability

Enabling the customers to do the ideal work in a stable way will bring mutual benefit.

Living as One

Bringing forth awareness of income to the individuals and the society is a social responsibility.

Giving Inspiration

To be a part of the stories giving inspiration or to support those stories is a motivation for the others.

Touching the lives

If a company doesn’t pass by the life and cares its problems, it means that the company’s humanistic reflexes are developed.