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EUPPORIA, founded in 1995 by the wealthy entrepreneur Maria Rodriguez, has been increasing its global and sectoral capacity day by day with its activities in many countries, especially in Europe, for more than two decades. The company started out as a small family-owned business in the beauty and cosmetics industry, producing natural and organic skincare products.

As EUPPORIA gained a reputation for excellence in the cosmetics industry, it expanded its product line to include high-end fashion and accessories. With the increase in global awareness and the growing capital, EUPPORIA started to manufacture luxury watches and jewelry with a new venture in 2005. Thus, the company started to produce many watches and jewelry pieces, which are now renowned worldwide for their exceptional craftsmanship, unique designs, and high quality.

Subsequently, EUPPORIA expanded its operations to the financial industry by opening a brokerage firm in 2010. The brokerage firm offered a wide range of financial services, including investment advice, portfolio management, and trading of various financial instruments. The move was a strategic one as EUPPORIA had the expertise to invest in the right assets and make the right financial decisions, which allowed it to enter new markets and expand its reach.

In 2018, EUPPORIA made another strategic move by launching its own investment fund. The fund, managed by EUPPORIA’s expert investment team, invests in various sectors including technology, healthcare, and renewable energy. By doing so, EUPPORIA has expanded its involvement in the financial industry and established itself as a reliable and trustworthy investment partner.

Today, as the Rodriguez family, we are clearly emphasizing our global development, which provides active services in the beauty, fashion, jewelry, and financial sectors in approximately 15 countries. EUPPORIA is committed to sustainable development and invests in eco-friendly initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. With our passion for quality and innovation, we strive to make a name for ourselves globally and remain committed to providing exceptional products and services to our clients.