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Euppo Trade is a subsidiary of EUPPORIA Family Company which has a long history of 100 years. EUPPORIA Group has diversified its global trading life with investments in Mining, Iron-Steel, Precious Earth Mines, Machine Pieces Industry by actively existing during the process of production to product. With the help of the fields in which the company is active, EUPPORIA has gained experience on Mining, Iron-Steel, Precious Earth Mines and Machine Pieces stock markets. With their experience on those stock markets, respectable business reputation and strong teams working in money markets, the company has established an organized corporate structure and started to provide services in the finance sector as well in 2010.

As a result, Euppo Trade has appeared in the markets. Since 2010, Euppo Trade is a global brokerage house transmitting orders instantly into real markets. It’s taking the adjective of Global by the variety of the markets served, being spread to wide geographies and cultures and at the same time being regulated by ASIC, one of the leading institutions in this field. Euppo Trade consists of more than 150000 individual and more than 50000 corporate investors. Euppo Trade | EUPPORIA Trade Euppo Trade, being one of the leading brokerage houses in the sector with its daily trading volume, has adopted the principles of becoming a brokerage house as a requirement of its parent company’s culture. Based on these principles, the processes of examining the transaction traffic, auditing the ability to make transactions, and transparent money management audition have been left over to FINTRAC, Canada’s official government agency for money traffic analysis and reporting, and Euppo Trade has been registered to MSB (Money Service Business). In this way, the financial statements of the Euppo Trade brokerage house are periodically subjected to independent audits on a quarterly basis, and the minimum qualification criteria is constantly measured based on the continuity of the current commercial activity. During the Independent Audit process, which is carried out on a quarterly basis, an amount that will not be less than 5 times the sum of the investor equity within the Euppo Trade brokerage house must be blocked in a bank account belonging to the Euppo Trade brokerage house.

In addition to this, Euppo Trade has taken its place in the market in order to pioneer a principled forex climate and aims to provide transparency, investor benefit maximization, fund contributions to efforts to integrate the forex market with new technologies, institutions that carry out studies on the protection of the investor capital, money security, block-chain technologies, R & D studies.

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